It’s been such a long time since i want to start a page to connect with other women. I want to capture here what I loved, life struggle and what’s inspiring me. I always want to write and learn from others. I want to talk about life, family, career, fitness and being better everyday!

This is my experience

I hold a bachelor with a major in Psychology and a Master degree in Organizational Development. I am certified CHRP. I have over 18 years of experience in human resources management and leadership in various industries. I also coach on career and leadership development.



I am from a small town that is well-known for it’s apple orchard call Rougemont. I grew up on the South Shore of Montreal. I lived in Montreal for a couple of years before I meet Patrick. I am now living on the North Shore (too bad is’t not Hawai North Shore :)) But I love our home. We are putting a lot of effort to make it our own and make it warm and welcoming. It’s our nest.

I am an only child. But I grew up so close to my cousins that they felt like brothers and sisters. Summer time were always fun and games with all my cousins from both side of my family! and we always had celebration on Sunday at my grand-mother house. For birthdays, it was always everybody’s birthdays. I remained very close to my cousin Jessica. We did so many things together as we grew up at different stage, a lot of souvenir. She is a sister to me!

I love fitness. It is a passion for a very long time. I love to feel strong and healthy. I think I missed my calling! That’s why it’s I decided to included this in my social media publication. I constantly read about it, I took 2 certifications in the past on coaching. I also alternate during the year between home gym and outside gym.

I love Disney! I am a fan since forever! The first time I visit a park I was 4 years old and I visited the various parks countless time. I also did the Disney Cruise and had an amazing time with the family! I hope one day we will be able to go back. I have so many Minnie and Mickey shirts and I am always in the look out for new stuff!

A few things that I love, in no particular order: My family, random acts of kindness, 80’s music, the beach, deep tissue massages, pasta, people who can laugh at themselves, good listeners, companies who put their employees first, date nights with Patrick, people who believe that they can positively change the world and actually take action to do so, summer time (warm weather), the feeling of soreness after a good workout, and emotionally intelligent people.